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Custom Sublimation Transfer

Custom Sublimation Transfer

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***Please send your image(s) to***

**There is an additional design fee if I create the design for you, custom designs are considered ANYTHING that I create from words to full designs. This fee is in addition to prints. **

**Please provide a brief description of your photo(s) and special sizing in the same area you type I AGREE!! This will stop any confusion or delays. Orders without a description will be delayed as I have to hunt for the image that matches your order!!**

Any order without specialized sizing will be printed at purchased size with aspect ratio.

Please send the highest quality images available. We can not guarantee the print quality or color matching due to screens being RGB and our printers printing in CMYK. Sublimation does not print white. Screenshots or photo's with watermarks can not be printed. Photos of t-shirts can not be printed, what you send me is exactly what I print. You much purchase the photo from the original vendor. I will not remove watermarks, this is illegal. Do not mirror images, this is done automatically.


- NO Refunds will be offered, if you are not familiar with sublimation please familiarize yourself before applying the design. We are not responsible for any damage to any substrate you may be using. Sublimation is permanent, you can not wash it out or remove it once the heat has been applied.

Sizes are determined based on the longest side of the image.

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